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  • Responsive Designs for all Screen Types
  • Fully Customized E-Commerce Solutions using industry standar frameworks and platforms
  • Google AdWords Management
  • Optimized SEO/SERP Results
  • Corporate Branding & Logos
  • WordPress Development
  • Effective Marketing Campaigns
  • Pre and Post-launch support services
  • Mobile app development
  • Social Media Integration
  • Integration with web services and external APIs

Steve Griggs Band

Steve Griggs Band

Steve Griggs is a true-blue Texas troubadour. His music envolves images of our unending cross-country freeways, and the vastness of the Texas sky, painted with all the colors of a desert sunset.

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EasyTV Studio

EasyTV Studio

EasyTV Studio is an all-in-one complete video production mini-studio optimized for a single user to produce high-end quality professional videos fast and easy, with no technical knowledge required.

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Remote Church Video Broadcasting

Remote Church Video Broadcasting

The Remote Church Video System is part of the EasyTV family of products and services designed to provide a simple, high-high quality alternative to expensive onsite camera crews or video studio visits. US-based Kephas TV Corporation and its counterparts in Europe have been providing video broadcasting solutions since 2002 for ecclesiastical and charitable organizations all over the world.

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Cio World Blog

Cio World Blog

Companies are constantly battling against waste, inefficiencies and demotivation of their key people and a bad or under performing project will contribute to all of these. Good project management discipline is a way to help prevent many common issues but cannot entirely eliminate problems that happen with each project.

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Wib Technologies

Wib Technologies

WIB was founded in 1995 in Switzerland as "WIB Wirtschafts-Informatik Beratung AG" which can be translated as "WIB Business Information Systems Consulting" and shows the clear focus of the WIB right from the beginning: Using information technology to achieve business results for our customers.

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About Us

Introduction to BPM

What is Business Process Management (BPM)?

A Management Approach to continuously improve business processes and conforming to Strategic Business Initiatives such as:

       improving product quality

       reducing time-to-market

       expanding to new markets

       raising customer satisfaction

       increasing profit margins

       Involves real decision makers

       Aligns Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each process

       Allows for visibility and control of business processes through operations and technology


Top Expectations of BPM – Management Side (Informal Survey)

  1. Creation of a single application for internal operations, customers and vendors
  2. Processes align with strategy
  3. Important processes are selected
  4. Greater transparency into process effectiveness
  5. Make doing business with us EASY
  6. Increase Process Efficiency
  7. Provide Flexibility for changes
  8. Integration of IT systems across business units and product areas

 Top Expectations of BPM – User Side (Informal Survey)

  1. Reduce total number of systems
  2. Reduce the use of Excel specifically
  3. Eliminate manual duplication of data
  4. Automate activities
  5. KPIs are measurable
  6. New / better reporting for processes
  7. One place for my work
  8. Simplification of my work

 BPM Approach Example


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BPM Success

Setting a good foundation for BPM Success

As companies embark on a Business Process Management (BPM) initiative they should do so in a step-by-step approach of first designing a Process Landscape and then identifying KPIs and other strategic objectives for the BPM program. The process landscape will be a key reference document for all future work on individual processes and will be the highest level information about the organization’s key processes.  The landscape should be formed in a way that shows the inter-connectivity between processes and where they fit into the wider organizational functional areas (i.e. sales, marketing, logistics, etc.).  A BPM analyst should be engaged to help create this high-level process landscape and to use it as an instructional tool with BPM program stakeholders in defining scope, criteria and other information as processes are selected and prepared for implementation. Buy-in from leaders of the organization’s key functional areas is critical to ratify the landscape so that it can be used throughout the BPM program’s lifecycle.

In some situations, an IT landscape review should be done that will be a key source of information for the project teams responsible for process implementation and optimization.  What systems are currently used to control existing processes?  How do these systems interact with one another? What systems are being replaced or changed in the near-term?  What are the limitations of the existing systems and what potential impact might that have on processes? Although processes should be analyzed and designed independently of currently systems, a thorough knowledge of the IT landscape is important in order to set real expectations, identify risks and form the correct project teams.

The formation of a BPM processes Center of Excellence should be considered as a means to define and eventually maintain the BPM program. The Center of Excellence (CoE) would have responsibility to help prioritize the processes, set standards for analysis and design, identify Key Process Indicators (KPIs) and ensure alignment with strategic initiatives for each process implementation.  The BPM CoE ideally would be independent of any single functional area within the organization so that processes are prioritized strictly based on overall management objectives. However, the virtual formation of this team is also acceptable in the beginning of the BPM initiative.

With the right focus, a solid foundation for a successful BPM program can be quickly established through the creation of a Process Landscape, identification and alignment of management goals for the BPM program and the establishment of a Process Center of Excellence.  At WIB, we are here to help make your BPM journey a success from the start.

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