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WIB was founded 1995 as WIB Wirtschafts-Informatik Beratung AG in Switzerland and today is a leading company in its industry with its world headquarters in Dallas, Texas. WIB has focused, since it was founded, on IT business applications and has implemented many successful IT projects and has made its reputation in delivering IT projects much faster than any other company by using self-developed tools like Rapid Composite and new innovative project approaches.

For most of the people in the IT industry it is almost certain that IT projects won't finish on time, in scope or within the original budget. Many studies support this thinking and the subsequent table shows that typically only one third of IT projects are successful. There are often ways to mask these failures, but study after study shows the abysmal nature of IT projects.

We also recognized that another key weakness of the software development process happens outside of the coding/programming phase itself. Generally only 20% of the total project effort is spent on the actual coding/programming of a new IT application and the great majority of the time and effort is spent in the the planning (approx. 40%) and the testing phase (approx. 40%). We've also observed that the high testing effort is directly caused by unclear/misunderstood requirements and therefore directly caused by failures in the planning phase.

At WIB we want to change that thinking and as a responsible consulting practice we have a duty to find out why this happens instead of just accepting it as a law of nature. In the course of delivering many projects we came to the conclusion that today's software development process is both ineffective and inefficient. This poor process is a fundamental cause of the low success rate of IT projects and is also responsible for the high risk of IT projects. Using Agile frameworks when approaching projects can help but many find it intimidating and the fundamental change in team interaction can be quite daunting. We strive to apply Agile principles in the correct situations but also have developed internal software to help deliver enterprise software solutions using our Rapid Composite tool set.

WIB's approach also fundamentally changes the planning phase of IT projects by using new self-developed software tools like Rapid Composite, which enable teams without programming skills to create modern, complex, scalable and reliable enterprise applications. By enabling business people or IT analysts to create their own applications without programming and in many cases by just simple customization of already existing modules, the project duration is reduced and the success-rate increases.

We are so confident in our ability to deliver successful projects in time, budget and scope that we offer our customers the projects at a fixed-price and fully success-related; that means our customers only have to pay if the solution really works.

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