How it works

Leveraging Technology

Nearly 10 years ago WIB developed its own set of software products to improve the speed and success rate of IT projects. The idea was to use this technology internally to enhance WIB’s capabilities to deliver world-class customer solutions. Today, this technology is called Rapid Composite.




Watch the Rapid Composite explainer video here:


Now after 10 years of product development, the software has reached a maturity level where WIB will now license and market the Rapid Composite suite of products. In 2014, Rapid Composite Corporation was founded with WIB as the sole shareholder to license this software. The Rapid Composite suite of products and technology will continue to remain an essential part of the WIB project approach and will continue to be used by WIB consultants to provide our customers and partners the best, most fundamentally sound products and services to: Reduce time to Market, Drive Away Complexity and Inspire our customers with world class solutions.